Sunday, January 18, 2009

San Marcos Art at Tantra

I newly joined the Esty Austin street team last week and there I met Kateri, who is doing this great third Sat Market in San Marcos. Its easy to forget that a whole city is just right down south there. So my husband, James and I decided go and set up our respective little booths out at Tantra Coffee House yesterday. James is a hypnosist promoting his business by doing free hypnosis demos showing people how to change their lives by changing their minds.
And I had a little bit of everything.... some recycled sweaters hats (since it was chilly) and removable hairwrap jewelry, and of course my felted creations. Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate having nothing to do with my hands, so I had my wool and some bits of reclaimed sweater and was felting away. The place was really fun too.. alot of folks came and went there were some nice bands to to listen too and other see the artists too.
And they were people... bonafide People, they came and talked to me, and I love talking felt! I was suprised at how many people said they had just starting doing needle felting or had just heard about Etsy. That, is my second favorite subject.
It was a good day, I talked to this nice guy, Sean, who was going write something for a paper or zine I think, he also took pics of my stuff. I totally spaced some stuff yesterday morning, like my mirror and I’m still out of business cards… no excuse. Despite my being a tad worried about the weather it was fine, a little windy but to too bad, and the sunshine came out to play later in the day. Tantra’s got some yummy lemon bars and good coffee ( I had the Landry) and my hubby hypnotized some folks… oh yeah I sold some stuff. That’s always nice. The best thing was being in this happening little Texas town, surrounded by talented kids, so creative and it so-made-me-remember-my-college-time; and I was much buoyed and encouraged by so many asking about my stuff and liking it. I think it was a success all around and a lot of promise for growth in the future. So thanks a bunch Kateri! We can’t wait for next time.

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