Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Fortune

The other day while at a Chinese resturant I got a great fortune cookie fortune. It read:
"Good ideas will spring forth naturally from your mind in the comning week."
Which is exactly how I've been feeling, ideas and images literally just start coming to me when I close my eyes to sleep or when I'm looking out the window driving somewhere. I'm just having trouble making everything I want to make. I want to finish things not just start them. LOL, of course I have my fair share of projects started... some I actually want to finish. I just need to remind myself to write the ideas down and I will get to them. I just need to take it one step at a step. You can't do needle felting fast, not if you want to do it right. So patience is my first lesson of the coming year.
So whats in the works?
Folktales, I love allegory and symbology.. so I'm reading up.
I can't wait to get to do some wet felting. Maybe making a set of slippers or something.
I'm going to expand from hats and make more stuff out of recycled sweaters.
I'll just keep writing down all my ideas and everything will happen in good time.
Good fortune to all. In all our enterprises.

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