Saturday, January 31, 2009

Celtic Spirit Event in San Marcos

I'm prolly too tired to blog effectively, but I'll give it a whirl. I'm short on sleep because I was up last night getting items ready for the little day even in San Marcos I was showing at. And I had to get up early to get there, its about an hour away from me.. and I take forever to set up. But I was pretty cheerful on only 5 hrs of sleep and one cup of coffee. I was also happy to be at an indoor events with no shortage of tables and chairs. I was trying some new display set ups out and this big wooden thing I found at Goodwill ( I think it's a magazine rack) I screwed hooks on it and hung stuff from it. I also spent the majority of yesterday evening putting felting kits together. I often do demos of needle felting at these shows... because it draws folks and its impressive to make cute little critters and things from piles random fur. But so many people told me, oh I did that, or I've always wanted to try that.. thus Gypsyharte's Needle Felting Kit was born. I also have a great stash of really nice wool and so I was able to give lots of nice brights and naturals and included instructions and a foam pad and two sculpey handled needles... I made four packs up and three sold so I think that was a success! I did really good in other areas too. I had pillow kitties, earrings... hairwraps, hats, purses and of course my some of my feltings. People loved my needle felted hearts too.

And I got to listen to Celtic music all day and there was a wonderful little closing ceremony honoring Brigid.. the Celtic Saint/Goddess of Poetry, Creativity, Smithing and Her holiday is Imbolc or Feb 2 which is right around the corner... its the kinda the pre-spring event... when the lambs are born.. A good thing to honor, I think, considering how much wool I go through...

SO... in honor of Brigid of the white shoulders and flowing well... may Her wisdom inspire you in the coming season, and may we all drink at the well of peace and plenty.

Bright Blessings.

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