Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Brand New Year!

Huzzah, its a brand new year and I'm super excited to finally have all my shows behind me for a little while. I will have time to create new stuff. Woot! I had a great time reading Tarot cards at Texas Ren Fest and then a wonderfully sucessfull Armadillo Christmas Bizarre. Now, as the holidays and things are behind me I'm so looking forward to all these exciting ideas that have been perking in my head while. My poor Etsy shop is looking a little bare since I sold (yay!) a bunch of my felted things at the 'Dillo. But hey thats fine by me... I'll make more! I got a bunch of new materials to work with.... as christmas presents, some fine Mohair roving by Kai Ranch... dyed by our friend Lisa... and I also ordered new colors from Draig Athar on Etsy she always has great colors. So just hang on and wait and see what I create with this wool and I even got some cool eyes from Vedabliss
Also on my agenda for the New Years, besides seeing how I well I can keep up this blog thingie... is me joining Etsy Austin Team! Check this out. Okay I'm totally blurry eyed from no sleep and still slightly hung over from New Years Celebrations... so Night! Bright Blessings

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