Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Present

Its my birthday! Just barely, well if we are being technical its really not until 3:16pm tomorrow. But I say it *is* my birthday.
I was cruising through my favs today on Etsy and I was thinking, "Man, I have great taste.. everything I fav gets sold." Then I was thinking, "Mer, *everything* I faved is gone! waaaa!!!"
Ookay... time passes..clean house feed animals... clean some more house.. then my husband bring in the mail. I got this little package and I'm like hmmmm what is this? there's a little note and in some tissue paper is the very bracelet I hearted! My awesome and sneaky sister-in-law in Seattle went and bought me a birthday present off of Etsy. Isn't that the best idea ever? Other than my husband (and I forward him the urls and general give broad hints) no ones ever bought me something off of Etsy before.
Oh and its not just any bracelet...its a fabulously, awsome, mythical, lovely, charm bracelet from Poetsummer which I've been wanting *forever*. Its better and bigger than the pics can ever do justice... It's all tinkly, tinkly.. the weight of it may be a danger to carpal tunnel sufferers...but I don't care! Its sooo awesome.. The charms on this thing are huge and the tiny little picture frames are really clear and the whole thing is just a treasure. See it here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18517076
Did I mention I like it?
And Carrie from Poetsummer sent me another gift as well ...a lovely three strand wooden beaded necklace. How cool is that?
So I hope the rest of my birthday is as good as this present... its an auspicious start!
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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That bracelet s stunning!

Happy Birthday to you!!!

I hope it's very special for you :)


Empress Kateri said...

My bro and I exchanged magor hints for our birthday presents, and I sent him an Etsy link. 2 weeks later I got the vintage sweater that I love love love!!!
Good thing he took the hint. LOL

I look like a psychadelic jedi when I wear it *grin*