Friday, July 24, 2009

Imagination Manifestations

Okay, apparently lack of sleep and lots of stress and driving late at night gives one a unique opportunity to think alot about thing other than one's issues. Right? So I reflecting on what I was asked by Amy Hadley during the little interview and what my and other people's answers were. She said "why buy handmade?" and the answer was inevitably "because you get to meet the person that made it.." Which is true enough at a show. But what about online? How much of your personality and charm can come through in a few blurbs? Your product has to speak for itself. In fact will continue to speaks to the person that buys it or gives to someone else everyday. This is more to me than just "meeting" someone... its an entire part of me that is made visible in art form. Whether its felt or clay or fabric. Its totally just a manifestation of my imagination.
So I thought hard about this question. As artist its really difficult to answer some of the question we are asked... Like how did you make this? Easy, ya see I took 3/4 of a pound of hand dyed...and then did....and you simply fold this here... oh wait.. what folks really mean is how did you manage to take these seperate raw materials form them into this creative wonderful new thing? And just maybe they want to know why for godsakes? And that answer also required some hard thinking... But the honest answer is these things are like little pieces of my random thoughts; an image, a poem, a dream... They may not turn out exactly like I want. Sometimes they are a work in process or they are better then ever imagined. I often make things my inner child would love to play with. (she's six, loves unicorns, but hates pink) Sometimes I make things for the sheer challenge of maninipulating all those raw materials and seeing what I come up with. Lot of times its especially for those questions and the looks I get... You made did this? Holy.. (yeah, I love those looks)

So the next time I'm asked how or why... Not going to say this is my brain on art, hold and I'll give you the recipe.
I'm simply going to say its an imagination manifestion. "Wanna see?"


B Creative said...

Love this! represents so much of what i think when i get that question! :) nicely put. I was talking to my husband the other day about how there is usuallly a drawn out story to each peace, and I like to know the story behind the purchaser too!

well done. :)


Gypsyheart said...

Thank you, see what no sleep can bring, ;)

Carapace said...

See, when I ask "How did you do that?", I mean HOW-- did you poke it with a needle, did you use glue, what sort of glue, do you need a special that's what I always assume other people are asking me.

As for why...well,as the women in my family always say, you have to keep busy! What else are we supposed to be doing, anyway? Housework? Ha. Hahahah!