Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Thurday!

I'll be at Austin's First Thursday event in front of Hill Country Weavers tonight from 5pm until whenever ( I think it's 10pm) I'm sharing a tent with LovelyLotusDesigns and GemJunkie
I can't believe I just managed one post last month. Unacceptable. I'm jumping back on the blogwagon, really. I've already been whupping mah Etsy store into shape with a host of new items... some polyclay earrings, tiny rat sculptures and the like.. I really want to post my new needlefelting kits.. Maybe I'll take some pics of that stuff tonight at First Thursday.

I'm excited about this show because its the first in my new Element. Cedric's on his way to Whitehart Faire so I get load everything sans husband power. I can handle it... ;)
Okay now I'm going fill this up with some random pics so it looks interesting.

The Griffin kitteh is still recovering well from his eye surgery, but he's very tired of the C-collar.

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