Friday, October 9, 2009

Ninjas Vs Pirates!

Okay, its been forever since I posted anything. Have I mentioned before that this is hard for me? It is. I always have 5 million things going on. Or I don't and I get stuck in lazy town or depressionville.. its like margaritaville without the 'rita part...
So at Dragon Con this year to amuse myself at the Cd table I made little people from pipe cleaners. I was kinda on a Halloween bent so I made mummies, wolfmen, and zombies... then I started making pirates and ninjas and I just couldn't stop. I even made a felty version of the Bedlam Bards. (I'll get those photos soon)
We've been in some kind of monsoon season here in Texas, and its been raining or cloudy for weeks. On the sunny days its been a sauna and a mosquito paradise, I risked malaria just to photograph these guys.. but I finally did it and posted them on Etsy. That was just this week.. and I also found out that they'd been spotted and Jennifer writes about them on her blog at which in turn has goaded me into writing about them here. So I'm off to get packed for the Renaissance Faire.. hopefully it'll turn into a beautiful fall weekend!

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