Monday, March 23, 2009

Simply Amazing

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Okay, this felted playscape in the pic above was conceived and created (helped with a few tips and pointers from me but really, not a lot) by an 9yr old friend of mine, Raina. Can I just say, "Holy... and wow?" I never cease to be amazed and stunned by the power of kids imaginations. I was watching Raina and her sister, Star, age 7 this evening and last time they were over here I showed them how to needle felt. I've taught kids and adults before and even though there's some trepidation about letting them handle a sharp and pointy needle they are really really good at it. Star's naturally really patient at artistic things and she took to it right away. She made a bunny and a turtle. Raina's isn't nearly as patient, but I love this... she said she felt that this could make her more patience. Working towards something and making it yourself. The last time she was over she started this, (I thought) really ambitious project of covering this felt square in green and making this felted river.. and she was saying I want squirrels and bunnies and trees to pop up out of it.. I'm thinking 5min maybe.. 10 min tops and then it'll be, hey where's the Tv remote? Nope... Tonight she's finished the "ground" painstakingly felting greens into this dark background and then she's like.. hmm, what's the best way to make a tree? I give it a thought and show her and viola! she's making tree after tree...

We did end up staying up way past bedtime... because then we had to make (I made these) flowers and toadstools and we used a bunch of little felted animals I'd already made to play in it... But I'm really proud of her.. Raina made this, and I showed her how. The white tree is a scyamore... She's already planning another installment, maybe a cave... she's also very enterprising, because I'd said I'd seen similair playscapes on Etsy... she wants to make one to sell. Yeah, I'm a little proud of that too.


earthgirl said...

totally awesome!
you should be proud of her- I bet she's more than a little proud of herself, too :)

PitBullLadyDesigns said...

Lovely!!!! Great Felting!