Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together!

Getting everything together for the Etsy Austin Team booth was a monumental task that really came together pratically like clockwork. I'm sure that accounts will vary, but everytime I was at the booth in front of Hill Country Weavers it seemed very smooth and we I can't believe we did it! It was awesome getting the swags bags toghether and all the promo items and the coupons... I'm mean it was a huge task and we all contributed alot to the whole thing... so cool to see it happen.

I had a great time doing the needlefelting demos... it was alot of fun. Talking Etsy to folks and just watching the crowds, hearing music coming from somewhere (everywhere). I feel really lucky to be apart of such a great scene and I'm glad that Austin's not afraid to claim its weirdness title.

I hope everyone had a great time! Check out the flickr site for more great pics....

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