Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summertime Sum-sum-sum timmeee!

Summer is my creative time. I can't do a lot of shows in the three digit Texas heat, last summer I felt so in my groove. I entered two contests...(I won one and got 4th in the other) I participated in the Peace Felt project. I taught myself new felting techniques and I taught myself how to dye... This summer I just feel like I might die... I've been suffering with a pinched nerve in my back since the middle of May. I'm slowly recovering. I've had to awake up and make some changes in my diet and habits. My husband has been with me every step of the way. We got a new memory foam mattress to help my spine. Sadly though, I'm not up for the serious Nuno felting tasks I did last summer. I'd get up at 6am set up my table on my porch gather my materials and get to felting.
I am still being creative, I just have pain as a constant companion so I have to stop and start. I can't needle felt for too long because I just can't sit. Maybe I should make some Nuno felt at least I'm on my feet for that and moving around seems to be better for my spine.
Anyhow... I loved my Spring shows I did.. I'm also becoming quite adept at small wet felting projects. I had a very successful Renaissance Faire show in May. One memorable occasion was at my friend Amie's tiny hair salon one, stormy Friday, that turned into an impromptu jam session. I'm not a musician, but I'm never bored... I had a travel sized bag of equipment with wools and bubble wrap. Asked by my young friend Michael I let him design some felted medicine bags which I felted and sewed later for him. It was a blast.. I have realized that I really like teaching people felting... it the thought of an actual class terrifies me however.. Its just a lot of responsibility.
I'm going to get my mojo back into full swing..its not lost. I'm going to restart my blog and publish more things. If only for myself so I can remember how I did some stuff. I have a new camera and I can't wait to take some pictures! Its got auto stabilizer for my shaky hands... I'm posting new stuff all the time on Etsy!

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